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by Adrian

Posted on 15-02-2020 11:25 PM

Looking for an Oil Boiler Service Shrewsbury, Shropshire? At Quote Beating Plumbing and Heating we specialise in oil boilers service and repairs in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas. If you need an oil boiler service, oil boiler repair, oil boiler maintenance, oil boiler installed or any other oil boiler services then we can help you.

Avoid Leaving Oil Boiler Annual Servicing Until it Gets Really Cold

A modern Oil Boiler for fitting in the home.Issues often occur in oil boilers at the end of the summer, when boilers are switched on again after the warmer months. This is generally due to parts seizing up from inactivity.

If you leave servicing your oil boiler until it gets cold. Or, if you have a breakdown in very cold weather please be patient with us because all well-liked plumbing companies become very busy at such times.

Reacting to your oil boiler needs may take a little longer at such times. This is another reason for annual servicing, and for obtaining that service during the warmer months. That generally means you can appoint the plumber you know and like. Whereas, the only plumber available at short notice when freezing temperatures strike, may not be the best tradesman for price or quality of workmanship.

Oil Boiler Contractors

Boiler service contractors in Shrewsbury and serving Shropshire, may also be plumbing contractors, heating contractors or plumbing contractors. You should do your homework and make your own enquiries to discover as far as possible their reputation. Do this before you hire any contractors. Boiler contractors should have knowledge of traditional boilers as well as the newer model boilers so that they can help you solve your boiler problems.

After many years of fitting and repairing oil boilers, we have learnt what the best boilers on the market are. After talking with many heating engineers, it usually becomes apparent that all are not equal. In recent years the best boilers to install have been Worcester Boilers or in some cases Vaillant. Whilst many are reliable we may recommend the very good Worcester Bosch or Vaillant makes of boiler.

Oil Boiler Servicing Checks

Our Shrewsbury, Shropshire, heating engineer will want to make sure that your boiler is burning gas and air at the correct mixture during servicing. This is done by using a flue gas analyser.

Electrical checks:  All the connections shall be clean and working properly. The condition of the electrics will be thoroughly checked.

All the key parts of the boiler, including fans will be checked to ensure they are working properly.

Seals are assessed for damage and replaced if necessary.All the electrodes will be checked for condition.

All Integral Safety Devices are Checked.

The engineer will look for blockages in the condensate trap and in the pipes and take any necessary action. Anything from a failed pump, a faulty circuit board or a blockage from sludge within the system can completely stop the boiler and system from working.

The water and gas pipework will be assessed for safety and function.

Flue Gas Analyser 

A Modern oil boiler for fitting outside.Our engineers are Shrewsbury, Shropshire based, and will use a flue gas analyser. This will ensure that the boiler is combusting properly.

If any of these tests show a fault, then the engineer will inform you of any additional cost that the repairs of the unit will incur.

We will also carry out a gas tight test on completing our work. This will establish whether there are any leaks in the system. CALL US ON 01743 562 228

Central Heating System Repairs and Drainage System Repairs

Central Heating System Repairs if needed to your heating system (pumps, motorised valves, interconnecting pipework, fittings, and any expansion tank) are all covered by our Shrewsbury HQ capabilities. Similarly, plumbing and drainage repairs occur to burst / leaking pipes, overflows and cold water storage tanks.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

We are focused on customer service and satisfaction, which is why we offer the highest standard of service with every visit. With the help of our highly skilled technicians, your boiler repairs and replacements will be done in no time at all. Our technicians take the time to approach every problem with the same care and attention that they would show in their own homes.


Our prices are dependent on a number of factors such as the duration of the hire period, the accessories required etc. For the exact prices of your hire please call, or fill in our online enquiry form.  CALL US ON 01743 562 228

Conclusion - Oil Boiler Customer Service and Satisfaction

We have solutions to offer to a local landlord that rents out quite a few houses. We greatly appreciate your push to use efficient companies.

"I find your company to be working very professionally, to keep you and other tenants updated. "I find your company to be working very professionally. You keep me and the tenants updated." By Anon.

We pride ourselves on a friendly and trustworthy approach, with a speedy and affordable service. In fact, we don't believe you will find a better price anywhere in mid to South Shropshire when it comes to oil boiler service or repair.

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